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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are smoke alarms mandatory in NSW?
    Not many people are aware that a large percentage of house fires are caused due to electrical faults. These fires can be very dangerous and can cause harm to life and property.

    What makes this fact even more startling is that many of these fires could have been detected before they went out of hand and caused any damage. This could have easily been achieved by getting smoke detectors installed on your property.
  • What is an ASP?
    Accredited Service Providers also known as ASP’s. Prior to the Electricity Supply Act 1995, network operators were the only ones who had permission to provide this service. This act gave electricity users the option to choose whether they wanted the energy provider’s service or to call an ASP for the Service. Since then ASP’s have relieved the workload on the network for the energy providers.
  • How do I know if I need a new switchboard?
    Do you find that there is constant loss of power on your property whenever you use any heavy home appliances such as electric heaters, air-conditioners etc? Or does the circuit breaker trip every time you simultaneously operate multiple appliances? This isn’t an uncommon problem and many homeowners have to deal with issues such as these. Typically, this occurs when there are older switchboards on the property, and these are unable to provide a sufficient amount of electricity to the high-power, modern appliances in your home.
  • What causes electrical wires to melt?
    Regardless of whether you have a commercial or residential property, electricity is an essential part of it. However this is also something we end up taking for granted. We don’t really call in an electrician just to check on the electrical installations, when everything is alright. In fact, many people may not even have the contact details of a reliable local electrician in Wollongong, on hand.

    However, there are times when electrical issues do arise without warning, and when that happens you need to be assured that an experienced electrician in Wollongong will come over to your location exactly when you need one. While all the electrical installations are in sight, some things like wiring etc aren’t. However, things could go wrong with these too and melted wiring can be quite dangerous.
  • How can I childproof my powerpoints?
    Children love to explore their surroundings. If you have a young son or daughter, you know that they learn by using their senses- which includes tasting, touching, pulling, pushing and even climbing on things around your home! But there are some things that you need to keep your child safe from. A power point can be a very dangerous source in your house; most power points are situated just at the right height for a crawling baby or toddler, who might be curious to see or touch it.
  • How can I be electricity-safe?
    If you are looking at having electrical work carried out around your home by electricians in Wollongong – to help keep you safe the team at Electrician To The Rescue have put together a few pointers to help keep you, your family and your home safe.

    Never EVER take any risks with electricity – electricity can cause burns and even death. If you are NOT a qualified electrician you need to call a licensed electrician in Wollongong from Electrician To The Rescue to give you an obligation free quote on the work that needs to be done. Never be tempted to do any electrical work yourself, if need be ask friends, family or your neighbours for recommendations.
  • What is a safety switch, and what does it do?
    The answer is simple: if you want that extra security to protect yourself against the possibility of being electrocuted you need to have a safety switch installed. Safety switches monitor the flow of electricity through the circuit they are connected to and shut down in a split second if there is a sudden surge of power. The technicians from Electrician To The Rescue are fully licensed and can install a safety switch in your home or office.

    If you come into contact with a faulty circuit you may be at risk of an electrical shock – a safety switch is the ‘man in the middle’ that stands between you and your appliance and the power source. They monitor the flow of current and if a shock current is detected it will shut down in within 300 milliseconds.
  • What counts as part of my home electrical system?
    For many years when it came to your homes electrical system – it was pretty straight forward. You simply neede electricians to install light switches and power points in the right places throughout the house. In many instances the electricians just *knew* where to place them without being told. Times have changed! There are so many new and different electrical devices to think about and this means you have to take a whole new approach to the electrical system in your house.

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